the past
march 2018 - now: Chrissy focuses on her company "The Robot Klan"
2016 - march 2018: Chrissy works as the Graphics Manager for PVH Group (Managing the graphics department for brands including Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Van Heusen). At the same time, she is running "The Robot Klan".
2015 - 2015: Chrissy took a year off to have her gorgeous little boy - Jasper
2006 - 2015: Focus on building The Robot Klan as a full service studio, white labelling for a range of marketing agencies.
2007 - 2007: Chrissy works at The Saltmine as a freelance Consultant.
2005 - 2006: Chrissy works at Design Nucleus as an Account Manager.
2003 - 2006: Chrissy works at Design Nucleus as a Graphic Designer.
2001 - 2003: Chrissy works at Semcom as a Graphic Designer.
•Point of sale - designing the display including knife lines
•Magazine layouts (including understanding ink weights and how to adjust for specific magazines)
•Online and print promotions
•Create digital animation adverts in HTML 5 for google double click
•Social media and online marketing
•Video Editing
•Digital Design
•Website Design
•Creating social tiles for posts and promotions
•Product brochures
•Developing brand guidelines

•Exhibition displays and stall theming for events
•Creating EDMs in Salesforce and mailchimp
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